About NFSO

Founded in 2008, NFSO has experienced rapid growth fueled by service to major fleets that recognize the unique value proposition that NFSO provides.  The vehicle conversions fall into the alt fuel and commercial categories.
NFSO was the pioneer and is the leader in the industry since Ford’s release of the 91G E-Series gaseous prep engine for model year 2010.  NFSO installs all Ford-approved alternative fuel kits (both propane and compressed natural gas).  In addition, NFSO is a Roush Preferred Installer.
In commercial conversion division, NFSO provide a full range of upfit capabilities to meet the needs of virtually any fleet customer.  Conversion categories there include Safety, Powertrain, Systems Integration, Storage, Asset Protection and Preservation, and Fleet Branding and Design. NFSO is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
iso 9001:2015 Certificate